Our Company

PNI Neuron (M) Sdn Bhd (PNI) was incorporated on 28 July 2001 by Dato’ Dr. Ivan Hoe Wat Sing, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in book publishing business. PNI is in the business of publishing and education industry. Its main clients are book retailers, dealers, distributors and agents for schools and other learning institutions throughout Malaysia. Todate, PNI has produced approximately 2,000 titles and its client base has reached 500. PNI group of companies comprises Navision (M) Sdn Bhd (Educational Games and Library Sets), Akal Bistari Sdn Bhd (Educational and Motivation Seminars) and Navision Holdings Sdn Bhd (Property Investment) and its associate company, Penerbitan Nadi Ilmu Sdn Bhd.


Since its inception, PNI’s growth has been quite exceptional. For example, initially there were only 9 staff working in the company but now the number  of staff working has increased to 50 people. The company then has been relocated to its own building at Wisma Neuron in Puchong. It covers a wide area, approximately 88,000 square feet.

The organisation structure of PNI is matrix-based which consists of Editorial, Production, Marketing, Warehouse and Accounts & Administration Departments. It is a ‘close-knit’ structure whereby the working philosophy is on teamwork, mutual benefit for the employer and employees and continuous personal development of the staff. Due to such positive work ethics, PNI has a very low turnover of staff. In addition to that, PNI upholds the principle of meritocracy and is result-orientated irrespective of race, religion and status.


' Learning is Fun' is the concept of PNl's products. One of the company's latest idea includes the incorporation of 'Visual-Mapping' and 'Memory Mastery' principles to its products. As a result, PNI has published books and teaching aids which are illustrative and complete with acronyms and acrostics that enable students to remember effectively.

To promote the application of visual-mapping techniques in the teaching and learning process, PNI has conducted several seminars in Malaysian schools. Therefore, PNI takes pride in hailing itself Ihe 'FIRST IN MALAYSIA', if not 'THE WORLD' to introduce the application of:

  • visual-mapping in colour presentation for various subjects which complies with the school syllabus; and the
  • memory mastery concept to enhance learning and for easy remembrance of the important facts.

The Interactive Educational Game series is reputed to be one of the latest innovations in the educational world. It integrates all techniques of learning such as listening, speaking, discussing, giving opinions, exchanging ideas, asking and answering questions. These series which comply with the school syllabus can also be used for quiz, revision classes, co-curriculum, club activities, etc.

PNl's products have received positive feedback and rave reviews from its consumers. PNI has been also invited by RTM1 to explain about visual mapping products in the 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia' programme. PNI also participates in book fairs and provides professional assistance in organising book fairs and associations. It fulfills its corporate responsibility by donating to various educational institutions as well as conducting seminars on motivation and students ' well being.


Actively involved in activities organised by the book associations:

  • Malaysian Association of Book Publishers (MABOPA)
  • Malaysian Book Exporters and Importers Association (MBEIA)
  • Malaysia Book Industry Council (MBIC)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF)

PNI Neuron is also actively involved in charitable work to various charitable institutions and foundations namely schools, orphanages, institution of higher learning which is in line with its ‘corporate social responsibility’ corporate mission.

Besides that, PNI has been working closely with various recognised educational institutions in Malaysia to conduct workshops and motivation seminars on the improvement in students’ well being.



  • In recognition of PNI's founder and its contributions to the society and publishing industry, Dato’ Dr. Ivan Hoe received several state and national level awards from 1993 to 2010.
  • To date, PNI's ‘Memory Mastery’ book series, which is one of the bestsellers, have sold more than 2 million copies.
  • The company being renowned for its honesty and integrity in management and operations has been awarded The 8th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award in 2009.
  • The company has also received the 'National Book Award' in 2010.